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Services & Capabilities

A few examples of what our Company offers our Customers:

Heat Exchanger Fabrication/Repairs/Rebuilds

Stainless and other Nickel Alloy Fabrication

Carbon Steel, Sheet to Heavy Plate Fabrication

Structural Steel Fabrication

Sub Arc Welding

Computer Assisted Layout

AWS and ANSI Certified Welding

Sandblasting and Painting

Outside Material Preparation (Rolling, Shearing, Pressing, etc.)

Please contact us to see if we are the right fit for your needs!


Plate Rolls - 1/2" X 8 FT. Initial Pinch

Plate Rolls - 16 GA. x 4 FT.

1/2" x 10 FT. Plate Shear

200 Ton CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

80 Ton Iron Worker

65 Ton Hole Punch

35 Ton Flange Punch

Plasma Cutting to 1" Thick

30,000 LB. Fork Lift

5,000 LB. Fork Lift

18 Ton Mobile Crane

Overhead Cranes